NAP Webinars

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NAP Instructional Webinars

NAP Journal (JIEP) Webinar
Presented in October 2019

NAP Abstract Webinar
Presented in July 2019

Webinars with Partners

Interprofessional Collaboration Through Knowledge and Technology
(From EBSCO Health, a NAP Diamond Sponsor)
Presented in February 2020

IPR.Global - Guidance on Global Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice Research: Discussion Paper
Presented in November 2019

NAP Well-being Webinar Series 

Part 1: PERMA approach to well-being and Generating Positive Emotions
Presented in June 2021

Part 2: PERMA approach to well-being: Relationships and Support
Presented in August 2021

Part 3: PERMA approach to well-being: Meaning and Purpose
Presented in October 2021

Part 4: PERMA approach to well-being: Accomplishments 
Presented in December 2021 

Part 5: PERMA approach to well-being: Engagement 

Presented in February 2022 

NAP Webinar Series on Collaborative Practice Models

Presented in May and June 2019

NAP Forum 2019 Keynotes

Presented in March 2019