Distinguished professionals advancing interprofessional healthcare by fostering collaboration and advocating policies in the best interest of individuals and communities.


National Academies of Practice will lead and exemplify interprofessional healthcare that promotes and preserves health and well-being.


NAP's current strategic plan focuses on three core goals to advance the association. We refer to them as the 'three C's': Culture, Clarity, and Community


NAP holds Interprofessional Healthcare Policy Forums, Congressional Briefings, Membership Symposiums, and Annual Conferences. We now publish the Journal for Interprofessional Education and Practice (JIEP) a quarterly peer-reviewed online only journal, focused on interprofessional topics in practice, education, research and policy. NAP also publishes Public Policy and Position Papers, distributing key findings to Members of Congress, healthcare planners, public agencies and other interested parties. Policy papers include: “Transforming Healthcare: Accountable Interdisciplinary Care Coordination that Works," “Prevention, Health and the Practicing Healthcare Professional," “Access to Health Care,” “Achieving Accountable Coordinated Health Care," and “Towards Interdisciplinary Team Development." 

The National Academies of Practice:

  • Recognizes and honors the contributions of the nation’s leading health care practitioners through its constituent academies;
  • Supports its distinguished members in developing and disseminating practices, models, curricula, and policies that enhance interprofessional collaboration in practice settings;
  • Informs policy makers at the national and state levels regarding public policies that will enhance access to health care and advance excellence in the promotion of health, and prevention and treatment of disease, injury, disability, and poor health.