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Podiatric Medicine's Scope of Practice and Role
in Interprofessional Healthcare

Role of Podiatry in Interdisciplinary Health Care

Podiatric physicians are independent practitioners who provide primary foot and ankle care. Podiatrists are trained in the diagnosis, medical, surgical, mechanical, manipulative and electrical treatment of the human foot, including the ankle and tendons that insert into the foot and the non-surgical treatment of the muscles and tendons of the leg covering the function of the foot.

Therefore the role of Podiatric Medicine in interdisciplinary health care would include:

  • Provide leadership in the delivery of primary health care involving the foot and ankle; 
  • Provide leadership in the rehabilitation of the skeletal muscle system involving the lower extremity;
  • Development of research in the foot and ankle including the biomechanical control of the lower extremity;
  • Maintain communication between Podiatric Medicine and the other professions to make sure the latest research and treatment of the lower extremity is provided for the appropriate interdisciplinary care;
  • To provide research in biomechanics of the lower extremities and to communicate this in a manner that will help prevent many of the life long debilitating disorders that are prevalent as adults;
  • To create an atmosphere of cost effective medicine to provide the latest in scientific and practical approaches in the treatment of the human foot and ankle; and 
  • Referral of patients to other disciplines for consultation so that not only the lower extremity will be properly treated but the entire body will be treated as a whole.