Who We Are

NAP is a non-profit organization founded in 1981 to advise governmental bodies on our healthcare system. Distinguished practitioners and scholars are elected by their peers from multiple different health professions to join the only interprofessional group of healthcare practitioners and scholars dedicated to supporting affordable, accessible, coordinated quality healthcare for all. NAP firmly believes that close collaboration and coordination of different healthcare professions, aligned through a common vision, can advocate for patients and model excellence in interprofessional and preventive care. NAP is dedicated to lifelong learning from, with, and among different healthcare professions to promote and preserve health and well-being for society.

NAP Mission, Vision, and Values

NAP Council

NAP welcomed 11 new members to the Council at the 2024 Annual Meeting and Forum.

Do you know who represents your Academy on the Council?

NAP Council


Patient Education Resources

The Patient Education Resources subcommittee of the NAP Professional Development Committee has created "The 10 Most Critical Questions in Creating Your Collaborative Healthcare Team" infographic as a resource for patients.

Access the 10 Questions Infographic