Membership Committee

Chair: Laurel Daniels Abbruzzese
Vice President of Membership

Vice President of Membership

The Vice President (VP) of Membership oversees NAP’s Membership Committee, a standing committee of NAP, consisting of members from each of the fourteen academies, where feasible, who seek to define, maintain, and grow our robust membership in all categories and strategically in adding new academies, where appropriate. As a Vice President, both thought leadership and fiscal accountability is required personally and of their committees to NAP’s goals, budget, and strategic plan.

Vice President of Membership Qualifications

  • Time commitment: minimum 2 years
  • *Weekly workload averages 3-4 hours per week
  • Passion and desire to cultivate and grow membership in all categories.
  • Vision for collective and shared policy & processes for membership application, approval, retention, and renewal among the fourteen academies.
  • Ability to lead the development of infrastructures for Council approved new academies (procedures, policies, bylaws, supportive guidance, etc.).
  • Facilitates a committee with diverse membership, experience, backgrounds, and goals in helping to achieve consensus around membership initiatives.
  • Excellent group leadership, communication, and coordination skills.

Vice President of Membership Duties

  • Communicates, coordinates, and contributes to membership initiatives within NAP’s strategic plan and collaborates with others as needed.
  • Convenes regular meetings with the Membership Committee and any subgroups (Work Groups) to advance their work agenda.
  • Facilitates and leads the majority of committee meetings.  Plans for absences and communicates so as to ensure continuity of the committee’s work when unable to attend.
  • Membership Committee composition is dictated in the bylaws:
    • The Membership Committee shall consist of a Chair and one member from each Academy appointed by the President and with the consent of the Council.
  • Communicates in a timely manner with Membership Committee members and any subgroups (Work Groups) and staff.
  • Works collaboratively with other VPs and Committees, as needed, to advance NAP’s Membership Committee agenda.
  • Actively contributes to the leadership team of NAP as an Executive Committee member.
  • Willingly accepts responsibility and accountability for work and deadlines associated with this position.
  • Communicates with President and Executive Director as needed.
  • Serves on the NAP Executive Committee and Council and attends/participates in meetings and conference calls (the EC holds monthly conference calls, and the Council holds a minimum of two conference calls per year plus two face-to-face meetings annually). Face-to-face meetings do not include the option to attend virtually or by conference call.
  • Provides the Executive Committee with regular and timely updates regarding the status of membership within NAP, including successes, opportunities and challenges that warrant discussion.
  • Provides a timely quarterly report to the NAP Council on the activities of the committee with status outcome updates.
  • Develops and shares strategies with Academy leadership to assist in cultivating membership at all levels within the academies, as needed.
  • Provides an annual report at the annual Forum business meeting.
  • Provides a 2-year summary report on the outcomes achieved by the Membership Committee in fulfilling their responsibilities.


Reviewed June 15, 2022