Public Policy Committee

Joanne Wisely
Vice President of Public Policy
[email protected]

Work Groups:

  • Telehealth
  • Advocacy Education & Plans

Vice President of Public Policy

The Vice President (VP) of Public Policy oversees NAP’s Public Policy Committee, a standing committee of NAP, consisting of members from each of the fourteen academies, where feasible, who seek to establish and promote policy principles engage in advocacy that advance interprofessional healthcare. This leadership role will help NAP achieve our short and long-range strategic goals by identifying, implementing, and evaluating issues related to healthcare policy and advocacy. As a Vice President, both thought leadership and fiscal accountability is required personally and of their committees to NAP’s goals, budget, and strategic plan.

Vice President of Public Policy Qualifications

  • Time commitment: minimum 2 years
    • *Weekly workload averages 4-6 hours per week
  • Preferred experience in public policy/advocacy work (interprofessional policy work a plus)
  • Prominent standing in the field of interprofessional healthcare and/or education
  • Broad vision for the future of interprofessional healthcare and understanding of the key points and issues NAP should be addressing to advance interprofessional collaborative practice
  • Ability to facilitate a committee with diverse membership, experiences, backgrounds, and goals
  • Ability to lead volunteers in setting annual policy agendas, drafting white papers and policy briefs, conducting literature reviews, facilitating policy dialogues and briefings, and crafting one-page advocacy sheets
  • Excellent group leadership, communication, and coordination skills

Vice President of Public Policy Duties

  • Communicates and coordinates public policy and advocacy initiatives from NAP’s strategic plan and collaborates with others as needed.
  • Develops a 5-year public policy plan to include annual goals and implementation strategies
  • Communicates in a timely manner with staff and committee members/work groups
    • Currently, the Public Policy Committee utilizes 3-4 work groups
    • The co-chairs of those work groups form the Public Policy Steering Committee
    • The Steering Committee meets every other month and the full Public Policy
  • Committee meets every other month (in rotation)
  • Convenes regular meetings with the Public Policy Committee and Shared Work Group(s) to advance their work agenda.
  • Facilitates and leads the majority of committee meetings.  Plans for absences and communicates so as to ensure continuity of the committee’s work when unable to attend.
  • Works collaboratively with other VPs and Committees as needed to advance NAP’s Public Policy agenda.
  • Works with Executive Director to ensure NAP follows all legal guidelines for 501c3. organizations as they relate to advocacy work.
  • Actively contributes to the leadership team of NAP as an Executive Committee member.
  • Willingly accepts responsibility and accountability for work and deadlines associated with this position.
  • Communicates with President and Executive Director as needed.
  • Serves on the NAP Executive Committee and Council and attends/participates in meetings and conference calls (the EC holds monthly conference calls, and the Council holds a minimum of two conference calls per year plus two face-to-face meetings annually). Face-to-face meetings do not include the option to attend virtually or by conference call.
  • Provides a timely quarterly report to the NAP Council on the activities of the Public Policy Committee with status outcome updates.
  • Provides an annual report at the annual Forum and business meeting.
  • Provides a 2-year summary report on the outcomes achieved by the Public Policy Committee in fulfilling their responsibilities.


Updated June 15, 2022