Partnerships & Networking Committee

Juli Maxworthy
Vice President of Partnerships and Networking
[email protected]  


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Vice President of Partnerships and Networking

The Vice President (VP) of Partnerships and Networking oversees NAP’s Partnership and Networking Committee, which seeks to define, maintain, and strategically advance collaborative external partnerships and internal partnership networks for NAP’s academies. This leadership role will help NAP promote networking through various communication and social media platforms and to include assessing overall return on investment, outcomes, and the impact of these partnership and networking activities. As a Vice President, both thought leadership and fiscal accountability are required personally and of their committees to NAP’s goals, budget, and strategic plan.

Vice President of Partnerships and Networking Qualifications

  • Time commitment: minimum 2 years
    • *Weekly workload averages 3-4 hours per week
  • Demonstrated experience and involvement with identifying, cultivating, and sustaining value-added collaborative partnerships both internally and externally within organizations (interprofessional experience a plus)
  • Familiarity with and use of a variety of communication vehicles and social media to engage internal and external audiences in NAP
  • Knowledge regarding methods of assessing outcomes of partnerships and the impact of communication and social media strategies
  • Evidence of having a well-rounded perspective of the interprofessional healthcare field
  • Ability to identify upcoming trends and think strategically about the future direction of partnerships (external and internal) and social media
  • Ability to facilitate the work of the committee(s) with diverse membership, experiences, backgrounds, and goals
  • Excellent group leadership, communication, and coordination skills

Vice President of Partnerships and Networking Duties

  • Communicate and coordinate partnerships and networking initiatives from NAP’s strategic plan and collaborates with others as needed.
  • Review annually (with committee) a set of council-approved criteria and guidelines for establishing and maintaining external partnerships with NAP (e.g., National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education) and evaluate current and future external partnerships using these criteria and guidelines.
  • Cultivate Council-approved external partnership relationships with established methods for tracking and periodic outcomes assessment and continuation of value-added external partnerships.
  • Develop collaborative internal partnership networks for NAP’s academies (e.g., interprofessional scholarship, collaborative practice models) with established methods for tracking and periodic reassessment of academy partnership outcomes.
  • Provide networking through various communication and social media platforms to advance and promote NAP with established methods to assess overall impact.
  • Encourage NAP members to network at other professional events.
  • Communicate in a timely manner with staff and committee members.
  • Convene regular meetings with the Partnerships and Networking committee to advance their work agenda.
  • Facilitate and lead the majority of committee meetings.  Plans for absences and communicate with members in a timely way, so as to ensure continuity of the committee’s work when unable to attend.
  • Work collaboratively with other VPs and Committees as needed to advance NAP’s Partnerships and Networking agenda.
  • Actively contribute to the leadership team of NAP as an Executive Committee member.
  • Willingly accept responsibility and accountability for work and deadlines associated with this position.
  • Communicate with President and Executive Director as needed.
  • Serve on the NAP Executive Committee and Council and attends/participates in meetings and conference calls (the EC holds monthly conference calls, and the Council holds a minimum of two conference calls per year plus two face-to-face meetings annually).
  • Contribute to the NAP annual report at the annual Forum and business meeting.
  • Provide a summary report on the outcomes achieved by the Public Policy Committee in fulfilling their responsibilities upon request of the current NAP President and executive Director.