Forum Planning Committee

2024 Forum Co-Chairs: Ellayne Ganzfried & Marty Sexton


  • Abstracts
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Networking 
  • Service Project
  • Conference Evaluation

Co-Chairs of Forum Planning Committee

The two Co-Chairs of the Forum Planning Committee work closely with the NAP Project Coordinator to oversee the planning for the NAP Annual Meeting & Forum held each spring.

NAP uses a Co-Chair structure to ensure responsibilities are shared and to add variety to the number of academies involved in planning this interprofessional event.

The Co-Chairs facilitate a monthly committee meeting. The Forum Planning Committee consists of the co-chairs of the Forum plus the co-chairs of all the subcommittees. The subcommittees meet independently (except the Abstract Subcommittee) and then the co-chairs report back at the Forum Planning Committee meetings.

Forum Co-Chair Qualifications

  • Time commitment: minimum 1 year with the possibility of being asked to stay on for a maximum of 3 years
    • *Weekly workload averages 2 hours per week during Apr-Jun and 4 hours per week Jul-Mar.
  • Preferred experience and involvement on a past NAP Forum Planning Committee
  • Preferred experience and involvement with professional association conference planning in some capacity or other event coordination for professional healthcare organization
  • Familiarity with Forum subcommittee structure
  • Well-rounded perspective of the interprofessional healthcare field
  • Ability to identify upcoming trends and think strategically about the Forum’s structure and programming
  • Ability to facilitate the work of committee(s) with diverse membership, experiences, backgrounds, and goals
  • Excellent group leadership, communication, and coordination skills

Forum Co-Chair Duties

  • Facilitates monthly Forum Planning Committee call
  • Serves as liaison to 2-3 Forum Planning Subcommittees to help guide their work
  • Works with Project Coordinator to develop an event within NAP’s budget and bandwidth
  • Encourages NAP members to attend the Forum
  • Works collaboratively and communicates effectively with NAP leadership, staff, and members as needed
  • Willingly accepts responsibility and accountability for work and deadlines associated with this position


Reviewed June 15, 2022