Scholarship Committee

Al Rundio
Scholarship Committee Chair and JIEP Co-Editor
[email protected]

Vice President for Scholarly Advancement

The Vice President (VP) for Scholarly Advancement serves in two defined and interrelated roles: 1) Co-Editor of NAP’s Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice (JIEP), and 2) oversees and promotes ongoing scholarly advancement activities for NAP members, including committee work associated with this role. The Vice President is knowledgeable, passionate, and committed to high quality in advancing scholarly publications and ideas about interprofessional scholarship in support of NAP’s mission directed toward research, clinical practice and patient care, and public policy. As NAP JIEP Co-Editor, it is critical that this VP works collaboratively and cohesively with the Co-Editor on the education side from the University of Nebraska for the most productive outcome and successful and well-respected publication. Elsevier, the JIEP publisher provides a staff member to coordinate the editorial collaboration and provide resources as needed to the editorial and publication process. As a Vice President, both thought leadership and fiscal accountability is required personally and from respective committee members to achieve NAP’s goals, budget, and strategic plan.

Vice President for Scholarly Advancement Qualifications (JIEP Co-Editor/VP Role)

  • Time commitment: 2 or 4 years for VP for Scholarly Advancement
  • Time commitment: 2 to 4 years or longer for JIEP co-Editor
    • *Weekly workload averages 7-9 hours per week (includes Journal Co-Editor responsibilities)
  • Editorial experience (preferred experience as an associate editor or on editorial boards)
  • Prominent standing in the field of interprofessional healthcare
  • Well-rounded perspective of the interprofessional healthcare field and contemporary interprofessional research
  • Ability to identify upcoming trends and think strategically about the long-range future direction of interprofessional scholarship and interprofessional publications specific to JIEP
  • Ability to lead and engage editorial board members and reviewers on a regular basis
  • Ability to lead, promote, educate, engage, and excite NAP members in advancing interprofessional scholarly conversations and work in support of NAP’s mission and vision.
  • Excellent group communication, coordination, and leadership skills

Vice President for Scholarly Advancement Duties (JIEP Co-Editor/VP Role)

  • Provides a comprehensive roadmap for NAP’s Scholarly Advancement initiatives to include the JIEP and initiatives to promote, educate, and engage NAP members in interprofessional scholarship opportunities.
  • Actively contributes to the leadership team of NAP as an Executive Committee member.
  • Willingly accepts responsibility and accountability for work and deadlines associated with this position.
  • Communicates with President and Executive Director as needed.
  • Serves on the NAP Executive Committee and Council and attends/participates in meetings and conference calls (the Executive Committee holds monthly conference calls, and the Council holds a minimum of two conference calls per year plus two face-to-face meetings annually). Face-to-face meetings do not include the option to attend virtually or by conference call.
  • Provides the Executive Committee with regular and timely updates regarding the status of Scholarly Advancements within NAP, including successes and challenges that warrant discussion.
  • Provides information in an annual report at the annual business meeting.
  • Facilitates and leads the majority of committee meetings.  Plans for absences and communicates so as to ensure continuity of the committee’s work when unable to attend.
  • Communicates with the VP for Professional Development, where needed, to ensure collaboration, coordination, and success on projects and/or activities.

Specific Duties: JIEP Co-Editor Role

  • Monitors Editorial Manager system regularly for submissions
  • Assigns submissions to associate editors for initial review
  • Assigns submissions to specific reviewers for closer evaluation
  • Communicates in a timely manner with authors to answer questions or assist with the submission process as needed
  • Communicates with Editorial Manager support at Elsevier as needed
  • Identifies reviewers and encourages author submissions to JIEP
  • Provides a quarterly report to the NAP Council on JIEP activities and status updates
  • Provides an annual report at the annual business meeting.

Adopted by Council January 2020
Reviewed June 15, 2022