Council of the National Academies of Practice 
The function of the NAP Council is to make decisions affecting the strategic direction, programs and services of the organization. It is made up of all the fourteen Academy Chairs and Vice Chairs as well as the Executive Committee and is staffed by the Executive Director. The Council meets face-to-face twice a year, usually during the Annual Meeting each spring and again in the fall. In July and in January, meetings are held by conference call. Academy Chairs and Vice Chairs serve a two-year term and are elected by their Academy. 

Executive Committee 
The Executive Committee consists of NAP's Officers: the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Treasurer, and various Vice Presidents, including: VPs for Public Policy, Professional Development, Networking and Partnerships, and Membership as well as the JIEP Co-Editor. The Officers are elected by the Council and serve two year terms. 

NAP Council

Photo of Michelle Troseth

Michelle Troseth


Photo of Jody Frost

Jody Frost


Photo of Victor Bray

Victor Bray


Photo of Satya Verma

Satya Verma

Immediate Past President

Photo of Lucille Ferrara

Lucille Ferrara

Vice President of Professional Development

Photo of Gretchen Ely

Gretchen Ely

Vice President of Public Policy

Photo of Richard Weisbarth

Richard Weisbarth

Vice President of Membership

Photo of Elizabeth Rider

Elizabeth Rider

Vice President of Networking and Partnerships

Photo of Al Rundio

Al Rundio

JIEP Co-Editor

Photo of Academies


Photo of Bettie Borton

Bettie Borton

Audiology Chair

Photo of Victoria Keetay

Victoria Keetay

Audiology Vice Chair

Photo of David G. Itzkoff

David G. Itzkoff

Dentistry Chair

Photo of Jerome Kleponis

Jerome Kleponis

Dentistry Vice Chair

Photo of Brook Longmaid

Brook Longmaid

Medicine Chair

Photo of Suzanne Kurtz

Suzanne Kurtz

Medicine Vice Chair

Photo of Joanne Singleton

Joanne Singleton

Nursing Chair

Photo of Evelyn Clingerman

Evelyn Clingerman

Nursing Vice Chair

Photo of Sandra Block

Sandra Block

Optometry Chair

Photo of Doug Benoit

Doug Benoit

Optometry Vice Chair

Photo of Heather Congdon

Heather Congdon

Pharmacy Chair

Photo of Wendy Duncan

Wendy Duncan

Pharmacy Vice Chair

Photo of Barbara Maxwell

Barbara Maxwell

Physical Therapy Chair

Photo of Z. Annette Iglarsh

Z. Annette Iglarsh

Physical Therapy Vice Chair

Photo of Marie DiCowden

Marie DiCowden

Psychology Chair

Photo of Raymond Folen

Raymond Folen

Psychology Vice Chair

Photo of Patricia Moore

Patricia Moore

Podiatric Medicine Chair

Photo of Vacant


Podiatric Medicine Vice Chair

Photo of Kathryn Smolinski

Kathryn Smolinski

Social Work Chair

Photo of Barbara Jones

Barbara Jones

Social Work Vice Chair

Photo of Janet Schreck

Janet Schreck

Speech-Language Pathology Chair

Photo of Denise Ludwig

Denise Ludwig

Speech-Language Pathology Vice Chair

Photo of Steven Atwood

Steven Atwood

Veterinary Medicine Chair

Photo of Stephanie Ostrowski

Stephanie Ostrowski

Veterinary Medicine Vice Chair

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