Past Events

The 2017 Annual Meeting & Forum was held at the Westin Philadelphia in Philadelphia, PA on March 17-18. This meeting featured keynote presentations from Barbara Brandt and Beth Ann Swan. There was opportunity for networking with colleagues and the annual induction ceremony.  

The 2016 Annual Meeting & Forum was held at the Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards in Baltimore, MD on April 8-9. This meeting featured several speakers and panels that focused on interprofessional education and practice. There was a significance portion of the agenda dedicated to advocacy and networking with interprofessional colleagues. 

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The 2015 Annual Meeting & Forum was held at the Westin Alexandria in Alexandria, VA on April 17-18. This meeting featured several speakers and panels that focused on engaging the patient and family. Sessions included a patient's advocate view, delivering difficult news, and climate change. A highlight of the meeting was the induction of NAP's largest class of 107 new members. 

Click here if you would like to view the 2015 Annual Meeting & Forum Induction Banquet photos.

The 2014 Annual Meeting & Forum was held at the Westin Alexandria in Alexandria, VA on April 4-6. This meeting featured many speakers and sessions who focused on working together as a team for health care. Concepts included recognizing that human, animal, and environmental health are inextricably linked. Speakers ranged from those in the medical field to an architect who presented on how design can improve public health. 

The 2013 Annual Meeting & Forum was held at the Westin Alexandria in Alexandria, VA on April 5-6. This Forum presented an expanded format, including additional opportunities for interprofessional networking and collaboration, and presented a program addressing the opportunities and challenges of interprofessional care for our aging population. This year's meeting had presentations and experts covering everything from new uses of technology to epigenetics, and even a session featuring an interprofessional "Grand Rounds," all within the context of improving the health of today's older patients. 

The first annual Fall Conference was held at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio September 14-15. The Conference included nationally recognized speakers, and was designed with two tracksincorporating symposia and workshops to encourage valuable discussion and opportunities to make connections across health care disciplines. Participants came away with new insights and enthusiasm, along with practical information for implementing additional interprofessional opportunities in their practices and organizations.

On March 23 and 24, 150 Distinguished Practitioners and Scholars gathered in Arlington, VA, to explore ways to achieve successful interprofessional health care. The meeting included sessions on advocacy, interactive workshops, an interdisciplinary clinical session as well as discussion groups on team-based learning, and a poster session. A highlight of the two-day event was induction of 64 newly elected members into NAP, which represents 10 health care professions.

With healthcare workforce shortages mounting and the need for complex chronic care skyrocketing, interdisciplinary care is more relevant than ever – this forum focused on what interdisciplinary care is, how it is practiced, and the barriers to success that must be overcome.

Practitioners have all experienced caring for those who need not have been ill and all been frustrated at simple measures not taken that would have prevented disease and suffering. Health and health behaviors are determined by multiple factors: personal, biological, psychological, organizational, environmental (both social and physical), and public policy. This Forum explored public health endeavors and ways to fight illness before it happens.

The NAP and co-sponsoring organizations conducted a Congressional Briefing and Press Conference Friday, March 27 on the healthcare crisis and the need for action now. Using the theme “We Can Change Healthcare: Working Until It Is Done,” the hearing featured patients telling their stories, providers who deal with uninsured or underinsured patients every day and clergy discussing the moral dimension of this issue.

Inspired by the transformative agenda set forth by the Commonwealth Fund in its report “A High Performance Health System for the United States: An Ambitious Agenda for the Next President” the 2009 Forum addressed the reorganization of the healthcare system to promote accountable coordinated care.

 2008 Public Field Hearings on the Healthcare Crisis
The first-ever national Public Field Hearings on the Healthcare Crisis were held September 20, 2008 in Miami, Fl at the Florida International University. Hailed as "A Movement of the People, Patients and Practitioners," the event took place under the auspices of the NAP and was organized by NAP's VP for Public Policy, Dr. Marie DiCowden of the Biscayne Foundation. The purpose was to give voice to the uninsured and to talk about solutions to the problems of the uninsured and underinsured. The aim was also to begin a national conversation on healthcare problems and solutions.

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